May 2021 Side Hustle Online Income Report. Welcome to May’s online income report! In this report, I share how much I’ve made online via various income streams. Additionally, I’ll share my blog, YouTube and Social Media analytics. This online blog income report shows all of my online income results before taxes and deductions.

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May 2021 Side Hustle Online Income Report



Welcome to my slightly delayed May online income report. If this is your first time reading one of my online income reports then read this section for a bit of a backstory. If you’re well versed in my income reports then jump straight to the introduction.

Welcome newbie! Here’s a bit of context and back story about my platform and how I arrived at where we are today. I started my blog in December 2018 and started my YouTube channel a year later in December 2019.

I didn’t make any money from my blog in the first year – unless of course, you want to count the £3 I had earned in Amazon Associates Affiliate income over the course of year one. So I’ll preface this income report with a warning that, if you think you’re going to start a blog and be making five figures a month within a couple of months – think again. At least that hasn’t been my experience, and I’ve read all the blogs that promise to help you do this to no avail.

This blog post isn’t all doom and gloom though. I just don’t want to set any false expectations when it comes to blogging. It takes A LOT of hard work to build a blog from scratch and grow an audience. Once you’re able to do this successfully, it can be very rewarding.



With that being said, at the start of 2021, I decided to start sharing and documenting my own online earnings. Before I started my blog I read so many of these reports online and was inspired to see if I could follow in some of their footsteps. I’m hoping that my posts can be a source of inspiration to someone reading this too. It would be good a year or two from today, God-willing, to look back at these reports and see how much progress I’ve been able to make and how much income I’ve generated.

Here are my income reports to date for you to catch up on:

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In today’s blog post, I’ll share my online income results for May. I share how much I’ve made online via various income streams. Additionally, I’ll share my blog, YouTube and Social Media analytics. This online blog income report shows all of my online income results before taxes and deductions. I only include actual income received in the month and excluded money earned that is yet to be paid.

The two ways I make money online are through active and passive income streams. I’ll start with the active income streams first, and then proceed to detail the passive income results.


Active Income

In April I only had one active income stream so I’ll quickly share that result before jumping into the passive income streams. Before we go any further, I want to give you a heads up that after having my highest income month to date in April, my income has significantly dropped.

This online side hustle pursuit isn’t for the faint-hearted – it’s a long-haul game and I’m staying the course.


I know there are lots of survey sites out there, but out of all the sites I’ve used, Prolific. is my absolute favourite. I wasn’t very active on the site in May though and only completed a handful of surveys.

Prolific paid me £18.15 in May


Passive Income



Blog Earnings

For the third consecutive month, I was able to meet the £60 minimum payment threshold in a month thanks to my blog and YouTube Adsense.  The money paid in May was earned in April. As mentioned at the start of the report, I only like to report on money received and not earned.

The graph below is taken from my Google Adsense report for April. The graphs show a daily breakdown of the money earned each day via my blog. In May the highest income was £1.51 on the 3rd, and the lowest was £0.02 on the 13th.

 Image Name

Blog Content

I was very slack in May when it came to blog posts and literally didn’t publish a single blog post. Looking at my blog analytics for the month of May versus April and you can’t really tell from the views.

 Image Name  Image Name

Blog Payments Received

Google Adsense paid me £11.31 in May




YouTube Content

In May I posted 7 YouTube videos to my channel and did 1 live – my first live in over 2 months! Links to all the videos I’ve included are below:

YouTube Analytics


My analytics were looking so promising in April but in May they seem to have gone down slightly. I need to spend more time in YouTube studio to try and figure out what I can do to increase these numbers month-on-month. Impressions are down from 237k in April to 214k in May. This means that 10% fewer people had the opportunity to discover my videos and channel.

What’s even more alarming is the fact that of the number of impressions served, the views are also down.


 Image Name


I gained 181 subscribers in May which is 52 subscribers less than the previous month. I’m not too alarmed by this as April was a high subscriber month for me and 180 is quite normal for my channel.

Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to my channel. I’m quickly approaching 3000 subscribers which is amazing, but there’s definitely a long way to go to reach my goal of 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2021. Seems like mission-impossible right now, but it would be amazing if you could help me make this a reality. If you’re yet to do so, check out my channel here and subscribe.


YouTube Payments Received

Just like with the blog AdSense, the AdSense revenue earned from my YouTube channel in April was paid in May.

In April I earned – £105.50 via my YouTube ads

In total for my blog and YouTube channel, Google Adsense paid me £116.81 in May



For the first time in months, I made a couple of sales on Etsy. A few sales randomly came through for my House Tracker which I added to the store over a year ago. You can check it out here, along with my other digital products Etsy store. I really do need to revisit my Etsy store as I have literally been MIA since February.

Etsy paid me £4.50 in May



Own Digital Products

As mentioned in my last income report (and the one before that, yes I’m milking it!), on 22nd March I launched my debut eBook, How I Paid Off £36,000 Debt. In the eBook, I outlined all the steps I took to pay off over £36,000 debt. A few more sales of the ebook came in this month which was great given my lack of promotion of this book.

How I paid off £36,000 debt

If you haven’t purchased a copy then be sure to grab one here.


These are a few of my other digital products

12 months money saving challenge, save £1,200 in a year

Deluxe Budget Planner and Expenses Tracker


My digital products paid me £28 in May


Affiliates & Referrals



Moving on to affiliates and referrals. Finally, after months of Skillshare delaying payment, it’s finally come through and I received payment for my two Skillshare affiliate referrals. #result!

If you’ve not yet signed up for a Skillshare account it’s worth doing so in order to get access to thousands of online courses. I have paid for the annual subscription as I think it’s a valuable investment from which I get a lot. You can sign up today and get a free 14 day trial of the premium account.

Skillshare paid me £9.78 in May


Amazon Associates

You’re not going to believe this! After years – literally years of being an Amazon Associates member, I’ve finally received my first EVER payment! I can’t find the words to describe the level of excitement I felt when that payment notification came through.

Amazon Associates paid me £31.92 in May


FreeTrade & Trading 212

I have investment accounts with both FreeTrade and Trading 212, and I’m well on my way to reaching my investment goal of £600 in each app.

If this is your first time hearing of these apps, they are investing platforms and allow you to invest in the stock market with as little as £1 to get started. What makes them even more appealing is you get a free share when you sign up the free share is valued at between £3 and £200.

If you’re ready to get started today, sign up via my referral link. I know Trading 212 have currently suspended new accounts, but you can sign up to Freetrade today and get starting investing straight away.

Trading 212 paid me £0 in May

Freetrade paid me £0 in May



Join me and invest commission-free with Freetrade. Get started with a free share worth £3-£200!

Trading 212

Get a free share up to £200 when you sign up and top up £1 or more – Trading 212



In conclusion, my active and passive income total for May came in at £209.16. Although it’s only a quarter of the amount earned in the preceding month, I’m grateful to be making any money online creating content that I actually enjoy creating.

If you’ve not yet subscribed to my blog, then please do, so that you don’t miss out on any of these monthly updates and more.


Let me know in the comments section below what you thought of this online income report and also if you have any questions.


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