How I Paid Off £36,000 Debt: My 10 Steps To Debt Freedom


How I Paid Off £36,000 Debt: My 10 Steps To Debt Freedom

eBook, by Tolu Frimpong


This is for you if: 

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by debt
  • You want to become debt-free but you don’t know how
  • You are paying off your debt but it feels like it’s taking forever
  • You need an effective debt repayment strategy
  • You want to transform your financial situation
  • You want to get in control of your money
  • You’re ready to develop a better relationship with money

This eBook covers: 

  1. 10 effective steps to follow and achieve debt freedom; From money scripts and budgeting to reducing expenses and creating emergency funds, this is a complete guide to paying off debt
  2. Practical examples and tips to help make each step easier
  3. Effective ways to accelerate debt repayment

You’ll get: 

  • A 51-page PDF eBook outlining the exact 10 steps I followed to pay off over £36,000 debt.


In her debut publication, Money Coach, Blogger and YouTube Content Creator, Tolu Frimpong, shares the inspiring story of how she was able to overcome £36,000 debt in a short space of time.

Tolu openly outlines the 10 steps that she took to successfully achieve debt freedom, giving readers an exact blueprint of how they too can achieve their debt-free dream. Each step provides practical tips and advice to follow to experience success at every step of your debt journey.

This book provides 10 actionable useful steps and is written in a way that is accessible with non-judgmental and positive prose – which is extremely important given the sensitive nature of this topic.

If you’re overwhelmed by your current financial situation and are ready to get started on your debt-free journey, but need clarity on the steps you need to take to get there, this is the eBook for you.




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