It’s important to honour Father’s, Grandfather’s and Husbands on Father’s Day, but don’t break the bank to do it. In this post I bring you 10 great father’s Day Gift ideas which will not cost you a penny!


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Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Penny


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Fathers play a pivotal role in the family and deserve to be celebrated all year round. With that being said, there is one special day a year set apart to celebrate Father’s. In the UK Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June. I know this date differs from country to country but the sentiment remains the same.

It’s important to honour Father’s, Grandfather’s and Husbands on Father’s Day but, don’t break the bank to do it. In this post, I bring you 10 great father’s Day Gifts which will not cost you a penny!


Gift Idea 1: Time

This is the most precious gift you can give a father and it doesn’t cost a penny. If you don’t see your father very often and he lives far away, take the time out of your busy schedule to pay him a visit. When you’re there, be there. Switch off your phone (or at least put it on silent), and give him your undivided attention. Use that time to talk about life. Discuss your fondest childhood memories or plans for the future. Whatever you talk about just be present in the moment and enjoy each other’s company.


Gift Idea 2: Write A Letter

If it’s not possible to physically spend time with your father due to distance, why not write him a letter? This is an ancient concept in

modern times that we live, but I’m sure your father would appreciate the gesture. Of course, you could send a text or message via what’s app, but this is so effortless. The letter would be a brilliant keepsake, unlike the text that can be gone at the click of a button.


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Gift Idea 3: Pamper Day

This gift is for the father of the house. Instead of spending money at a restaurant or another outing treat him to a pamper day at home. Treat him to a manicure and pedicure (if you can stomach his toes).  This can be followed up with a lovely massage. If you have children they can also join in the fun.


Gift Idea 4: Have A Picnic

The weather in London has picked up nicely so you should take advantage of it while you still can. Plan a lovely picnic to the park. Don’t buy anything for this picnic, get creative and use things you already have at home. You’ll be surprised at what you’re able to come up with when you’re left to your own imagination.


Gift Idea 5: Have Fun In The Sun

Go to your local park and enjoy some fun and games. Kick a ball, ride a bike, have a water fight. Enjoy the beautiful weather as a family and simply go with the flow.


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Gift Idea 6: Explore Somewhere New

Go for a drive to an interesting area you’ve never been to before and explore it. Discover new places and create wonderful new memories as a family. You’ll be surprised at the many gems out there just waiting to be discovered.


Gift Idea 7: Impromptu Photoshoot

While you’re out exploring somewhere new, why not use that time for an improvised photoshoot. You can also use your smartphone or camera to capture the fun moments experienced on your little adventure. When you return home you can print these images for free using Freeprints. They just charge a small fee for delivery. By the way, I’m not affiliated with Freeprints. I just think it’s an amazing app and when I mention it to people I’m surprised they’ve never heard of it. Check it out and thank me later!


Gift Idea 8: Cook His Favourite Meal

This is an excellent idea for both the father of your home and your father if you no longer live together. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook him the meal of a lifetime and you’ll truly make his day.


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Gift Idea 9: Spring Clean His House

This idea is particularly aimed at the father that lives without a spouse or children. Pay him a visit and give the place a good spring clean.


Gift Idea 10: Acts of Service  

If your father or spouses love language is acts of service then this would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. Use Father’s Day as a chance to relieve him of some of his responsibilities around the home. From mowing the lawn to DIY jobs around the house, give him a break from the many pressures of home life.


I hope you’ve drawn inspiration from this post and decide to do things differently this Father’s Day. This year celebrate Father’s Day for free using some of the outlined Father’s Day gift ideas. I’m sure the man/men in your life will appreciate the thought.

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