This blog post is a tutorial explaining how to create your own tissue paper flower wall photo backdrop for under £20.


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Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop – The Back Story


For my 33rd birthday, I decided to throw a BBQ for my close family and friends. I really wanted to have a flower wall in my garden, as I love how they look in pictures. I did my research and the cheapest place I could find one to hire cost £200 and I was not prepared to pay that much to hire a flower wall. More to the point, my husband would never agree to such an unnecessary spend!

I quickly started doing research online to find out how I could make my own flower wall at a fraction of the cost. But given I wanted a 6ft x4ft wall there was no way I could make it on the cheap. The flowers alone would have cost over £150!


DIY Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop-min

Affordable DIY Tutorial – Simple Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop


Still determined to have a beautiful backdrop at my event, I started researching online alternative budget-friendly DIY backdrop ideas. I came across this video DIY Ombre Tissue Paper Photobooth Backdrop and fell in love. I decided to recreate this backdrop for my birthday BBQ and was delighted with the results! It was definitely a hit amongst my guests and I spent most of the day taking pictures by it.

Can you believe that I created this 6ft by 4ft tissue paper flower wall photo backdrop for under £20! Now that’s what I call #frugalLiving.


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What You’ll Need To Create A DIY Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop


You only need a few materials to recreate this flower wall. I’ve listed what I used below, but feel free to substitute with other materials where you see fit.

  • Tissue paper – Lots and lots of it! I used 80 sheets of 50x75cm tissue paper in 8 different colours. You can choose whatever colour scheme you want, just have fun with it! If I make one again, I would use 100 sheets in order to create a fuller effect and I’d recommend you do the same.
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks – I bought a packet of 50 glue sticks and only have about 15 left.
  • Cardboard – I used old boxes as I already had them lying around the house. However, you could use foam boards or even MDF if you want the wall to be sturdier.
  • Lolly sticks
  • Rolling pin – This can be substituted with any other cylinder-shaped object that you have laying around the house, I’ve seen it done using a plastic water bottle before.


How To Create A DIY Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop

This DIY tissue paper flower wall photo backdrop project is simple to recreate. But let me forewarn warn you…it’s very time-consuming! This 6ft by 4ft backdrop literally took a whole day to make.


Simple DIY Tutorial - Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop



Step 1: Prep Your Tissue Paper

Line up 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold in half. Fold it in half again, and again until each rectangle outline is approximately 12x18cm. Cut across all the lines until you’re left with a pile of tissue paper sheets that are 12x18cm. Repeat this process for all the tissue papers.



Step 2: Enforce The Backdrop

In order to make the backdrop firm, add lolly sticks along where the creases are. Apply glue along one side of the lolly stick and press onto the cardboard. I used one for each fold as I only had a 50 pack of lolly sticks. However, I would recommend you use two along each fold for a firmer hold.


Enforce The Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop

Enforce The Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop


Step 3: Stick Tissue Paper To Backdrop

Now let the fun begin! Take a piece of tissue paper and the rolling pin and press the tissue paper over the rolling pin. Smooth the tissue paper against the rolling pin with one hand and grab the glue gun with the other. Squeeze a bit of glue onto the tissue paper at the top of the rolling pin and press the rolling pin onto the cardboard. Grab another piece of tissue paper and repeat the same process sticking the next piece of tissue paper approximately one inch horizontally from the first piece of tissue paper. Repeat this process again and again until the row is complete.

Move down to the next row and repeat the same process as above, placing the tissue paper on the next row in between the lines of the row above. Repeat this pattern until the whole board is completely covered.



Step 4: Hanging Your Backdrop

On the day of my BBQ, we simply screwed the backdrop into my garden fence. You may not want to do this as it will leave a whole when you go to remove it. Alternatively, you could attach the tissue paper flower wall to a backdrop frame using cable ties. You could also affix it to a wall using no more nails, just do whatever works for you!


Would You Like To Hire My Tissue Paper Flower Wall Photo Backdrop?

If you are based in South-East London and would like to hire my beloved flower wall for your event, please send me a message and we can make arrangements.



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