Raising Future Kings is an online community and brand dedicated to parents raising families with all boys. Established on 5th May 2019, our aim is to grow a community of like-minded parents dedicated to raising strong and confident well-rounded boys. The hope is that they will grow into the kings they were created to be.


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Raising Future Kings – Background Story


I’m a mother of 3 boys aged 4, 2 and 3 weeks (at the time of writing this post). When I found out I was pregnant for the third time I was hoping the baby would be a girl. It goes without saying that the most important thing is a healthy baby. but after having had two sons, I was keen to balance things out a little in our home.

I had a gender reveal party when I was 5 months pregnant and was gobsmacked when I popped the balloon to discover I was having yet another boy. Our plan had always been to have 3 children, so when I popped the balloon that was the end of my dream of having a little princess.


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At the back on my mind, I still hoped that the sonographer made a mistake and the baby was a girl, but the little hope I had was lost when I had to have a growth scan at 30 weeks. I asked the sonographer to check again what I was having and she confirmed that it was definitely a boy and even showed me what was between his legs!

For the last few months of my pregnancy, I had to deal with the many sympathetic looks and comments from people when I told them I was having another boy. I’m sure they meant no harm by their “never mind, maybe 4th-time lucky” comments, but it really wasn’t helpful.

Boy, Oh Boy!


I don’t know if there was something in the water, but it seemed as though so many of my friends and female associates were pregnant at the same time. Every week new babies were being born all around me.


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For most, it was a second pregnancy where they were expecting the opposite sex to the one they currently had. It felt as though I was the only one having the same gender again. While I was happy for them all, I struggled to shake that ‘why me?’ feeling. I know this may sound ungrateful given that carrying a child in itself is a blessing, but I’m just sharing my truth and I’m sure (at least I hope) I’m not the only woman in the world to have felt that way.



Finding My Tribe


I knew that while I may be the only person in my immediate circle/community with all boys, there are many families like mine worldwide and I wanted to find them.

Which is why, just over a week after giving birth to my third son, I was inspired to start a new Instagram page called Raising Future Kings. Raising Future Kings is an online community for parents raising families with all boys. My mission is to build a community of like-minded parents dedicated to raising strong, confident well-rounded boys who will grow into the kings they were created to be.


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It’s only been a fortnight since I launched the page and we already have 400 followers – amazing! It’s been great connecting with other mums and dads with all boys and learning from their experiences and advice. I’ve received a few book recommendations which I’m going to be reading and will write reviews on in due course.

Raising Boys in the 21st Century by Steve Biddulph

Mothers Raising Sons: No-nonsense rules to stay sane and raise happy boys by Nigel Latta

Bringing up boys by James Dobson

If you know about any other parenting books, particularly ones aimed at bringing up boys please add it to the comments section below.



God’s Plan Is Greater Than Ours


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I believe there was a reason God decided to bless me with three sons and this isn’t something I take lightly. It’s a huge responsibility raising boys to men and I want to ensure that I do it well.

It takes a village to raise a child and I’m grateful that my village is now global and growing daily.

It’s still very early days with Raising Future Kings and I have so many exciting plans and ideas of where I want to take it. Why not join us for the ride!



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