Do you want to take up a 30 day challenge? In part 1 I compiled a list of 9 different 30-day challenges that you could consider taking up. Read on to discover what they are, one may be perfect for you!


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30 Day Challenge Ideas To Try In 2020 – Part 2



Welcome to part 2 of my list of 30-day challenge ideas to try in 2020! The purpose of part 1 was to inspire readers to try new things by taking up a 30-day challenge.

30 Day challenges have the benefits of:

  1. opening up your mind to new possibilities and ways of doing things
  2. helping to form new habits. They say it takes 60-90 days to form a new habit – so after 30 days, you’re already halfway there!
  3. a sense of achievement and accomplishment for trying and sticking to a goal

In part 1 I compiled a list of nine different 30-day challenges that you could consider taking up. Here are nine more 30-day challenges for you to consider.


1. 30 Day Marriage Challenge


Your marriage doesn’t need to be on the rocks before investing in it. Even the best of marriages have room for improvement and growth. A 30-day marriage challenge would be perfect to try irrespective of the number of years you’ve been married.

I’ve added this book, 30 Day Marriage Challenge: Accepting the challenge to make your marriage better in one month by Becky Moseley to my 2020 reading list. The book includes a unique challenge each day that you can apply to your marriage. I’ll be sure to write a follow-up post when I’ve read and taken up this challenge!

Alternatively, iMom has a great free 30 Day marriage challenge PDF which I took the liberty of downloading to share with you so this challenge doesn’t even have to cost you a penny.


30 day marriage challenge


2. Quit A Bad Habit


Do you have a bad habit that you’ve been meaning to quit? A 30-day challenge is the perfect starting point. From biting your nails or always being late, to being messy and procrastinating. We all have habits we’d like to change. Use the 30-day challenge to make a conscious effort to break the bad habit. You’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come after 30 days.


3. Keep A Journal


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I cannot recommend this enough! I wish I started journaling years ago as there are so many great benefits to doing this. Not least the fact that in years to come you can read your journal entries and know exactly what you were thinking and feeling at that point in time. It’s like a photograph of your memory – priceless!


4.Random Act Of Kindness


You’ll be surprised at how little things like helping a lady at the train station with her pram or luggage up/down the stairs makes all the difference to her day. I say this speaking from experience. On so many occasions I’ve been left to struggle up/down the stairs with my pram. On the rare occasions that a fellow traveller offers a helping hand, it really makes the world of difference!

Other things to try could be giving compliments and praise to people when they least expect it. We often think these nice thoughts but people can’t read our minds, so if you’re thinking nice thoughts speak your mind.

If you’re short on ideas for random acts of kindness, these books are full of ideas that will keep you busy for 30 days and beyond:


5. Read A Book


If you’re an avid reader, the challenge to read a book in 30 days will not seem like much of a challenge, so please skip to the next challenge! However, for those of you that do not like to read, this is a great challenge to set yourself.

If there is a book that you’ve been meaning to read but have not got round to reading it, set yourself the challenge of reading the book in 30 days. A great way of doing this would be to divide the total number of pages in the book by 30 and reading whatever that figure is for 30 consecutive days.


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6. Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


Challenge yourself to do something that scares you every day for 30 days. I know the majority of us love to feel safe and comfortable, but growth comes with stretching ourselves and getting to a place of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Whether it’s initiating a conversation with a stranger or facing a fear of public speaking, decide on 30 things that you’ll do to step out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, you could pick one thing and do it every day for 30 days to totally master it.


7. Take A Picture Every Day


If you’re anything like me and don’t regularly take pictures, why not set yourself the challenge of taking one significant photograph every day. This is a challenge that I’d like to try with my children as I don’t have nearly enough pictures of them. The struggle to get them to cooperate for a photograph is so real that I rarely bother trying!


8. Clutter Clearing Challenge


Most people own too much stuff! If that’s you then another great challenge you could try is a 30-day decluttering challenge. With this challenge the goal is to get rid of items around your house daily, you can choose one or a few items a day to donate to charity or sell.

Pop Sugar has a great free printable that tells you different areas of your home to declutter each day for 30 days so by the end of the challenge you have a nice and organised home – and extra money in your pocket.

30 day declutter

9. Learn A Skill


I’m sure there are plenty of things that you’ve always wanted to learn but for one reason or another have never got round to doing so. From sewing or playing an instrument to learning photography or how to dance, whatever your interest is, give yourself 30 minutes a day to pursue that passion. At the end of 30 days, you would have learned so much and the sense of achievement will be awesome.



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