In today’s blog post, Veronia Spaine, fellow Money Coach and YouTuber shares the story of how she paid off £16,000 debt in 18 months. Read on for practical advice and encouragement for anyone wanting to embark on their own debt-free journey.

Triumphing over debt 

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post,  it’s currently Debt Awareness Week in the UK (21st March-27th March).  It’s a time to open up the conversation of debt and remove the taboo around this subject.

It’s a subject close to my heart as I was once in over £36,000 debt, nobody knew and it was a lonely and isolating experience. I share how I paid it all off in my eBook How I Paid Off £36,000 Debt: My 10 Steps To Debt Freedom

Each day this week I’ll be bringing you inspiring stories of amazing people and how they were able to overcome debt. I hope if you are reading this and in debt, their stories will encourage you to face your debt head-on, take action and pay it all off. 

Today’s debt story is by Money Coach and YouTuber, Veronia Spain. I first discovered Veronia on YouTube a couple of years ago. There are currently very few women in the UK finance space, so I get excited every time I come across a new one. I loved Veronia’s very open and entertaining approach to talking about money. This is why a year ago I invited her to collaborate on a series for International Women’s Day. You can watch the replay of that conversation here where we shared important money lessons and experiences we’ve learned over the years.

Read on to find out how Veronia ended up in £16,000 debt and the steps she took to become debt-free in just 18 months.



How I Paid Off £16,000 debt in 18 months


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Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m a Money coach now, but when I was in debt I was working in my 9-5 making £27k a year. I lived in a HMO whilst working so I shared a house with other professionals.

How did you get into debt? 

I had a student overdraft from university and I also financed my car when I got my graduate job.

What motivated you to embark on a debt-free journey? 

Honestly I think it was God. I had a lot of time on my hands and just started searching online for how to build wealth. I came across YouTube channels and read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad which changed the game for me.

How did you get out of debt? 

I made a financial plan, I created a budget and tried to save as much money as I could by moving back home.

Share 3 lessons you learnt on/from your debt free journey? 

1. The debt doesn’t control you, it’s just a part of your journey
2. You can still work towards Financial Independence even if you’re in debt
3. It’s important to know your why!

What resources and tools helped you on your debt-free journey? 

Books, YouTube videos and creating a budget template.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pay off their debt? 

Take the time to first recognise where you’re at, but understand that things can change!

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