My Interview With Mummy Means Business Podcast

I sat down for an interview with Victoria Dele from Mummy Means Business Podcast. The podcast is a platform for women to share their journey into their world of work as well as detail their experience of motherhood. Listen to my story here.

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Mummy Means Business Podcast – My Interview


2019 is about stepping outside my comfort zone and pushing myself to do things I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable! When Victoria invited me on her podcast I initially wanted to decline but I just had to say yes.

This is my first ever feature on a Podcast and I have to admit that I actually thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It just goes to show that, sometimes the idea of something and the reality of it are often very different. The lesson I learned from this experience is don’t succumb to the fear of the unknown!


What is Mummy Means Business Podcast?


Mummy Means Business is hosted by Victoria Dele. It’s a podcast which consists of interviews with ten different mums who are also successful in business. The podcast is a platform for women to share their work journey as well as detail their experience of motherhood. Guests include an Author, Doctor, CEO, Director, Event Designer, Entrepreneurs and many more, who share their tips and tricks on how they became successful.

I won’t get into what we discussed in the podcast here on the blog as I want you to actually listen to it. I’m so excited to share the new podcast with you today, so without further ado, go ahead and take a listen

Mummy means business podcast

You can subscribe to the ‘Mummy means Business’ podcast on Soundcloud, Podbean, Spotify and Apple podcast.



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  1. Rolo | 17th Feb 19

    Great interview, very interesting and insightful.

  2. admin | 22nd Feb 19

    Thank you Rolo, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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