In this blog post, I share the details of our new 2021 money-saving challenge.s In this challenge, you’ll save over £1,200 in 2021.


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Money-Saving Challenges – How To Save Over £1,200 In 2021




2020, What A Year!

If there was ever a time to start saving money, it’s today! 2020 has demonstrated and hammered home the importance of having savings in place. So much happened last year, it’s unreal. At the close of 2019, if someone had predicted the year we would have in 2020, we all would have laughed and said they were crazy.


The global pandemic brought the UK to a standstill; lockdowns, job losses, sickness and death plagued the country and it really bought home the reality of how little control we have in life.


The financial security which we find in permanent employment proved not to be so secure after all. I was made redundant after 10 years of service with my employer. I never imagined that they would let me go but they did.


This is why it’s important to do what we can to protect our families and get our finances in order. I read an alarming statistic by The Money Charity Organisation. The report explained that 2.8 million households in the UK reported that before the pandemic hit they had no savings or savings of under £1,500



Rainy Days Will Come, Savings Are A Must


If saving money has never been your thing, 2021 is the year to create this new habit. If you’re looking for ideas on how to save more money in 2021, then check out our new 2021 money savings challenges where you can save over £1,200 in a year.


Our goal through the money savings challenges is to show you that 1) you CAN save money no matter how much or how little you earn 2) saving money can be fun.


Each month there is a different unique money-saving challenge for you to take part in which makes saving money fun.


What’s more, in our Facebook group T-Money Club, we’ll be taking part in the monthly savings challenge and motivating each other to reach our savings goal. You’re welcome to join below:


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I’ll be doing these challenges monthly and it would be great for you guys to join. As well as having the individual monthly savings trackers, there’s also have an overall annual one so you can see a snapshot of how much you’ve saved each month.




Are you up for the challenge? Let me know in know in the comments sections below.


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