10 Money Goals to Achieve Before The Year Wraps Up

10 Money Goals to Achieve Before The Year Wraps Up

Prepare to wrap up 2023 with a bang by embracing these ten actionable money goals. From strategic savings plans to career advancement strategies and prioritising happiness, these goals are designed to set you up for a financially successful and fulfilling year-end.

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Finish Strong: 10 Money Goals to Achieve Before 2023 Wraps Up


As 2023 swiftly draws to a close, there’s still ample time to achieve the money goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Don’t throw in the towel just yet! In this blog post, I’ll share nine actionable money goals you can still accomplish before the year concludes. Even if the year didn’t start as planned, you can finish it on a strong financial note.



1. Set a Savings Goal

If saving money has been a perpetual struggle, it’s time to set a specific, achievable target. For example, commit to saving £10 a week for the next 10 weeks, aiming for a total of £100 by the end of the year. While it might appear modest, this disciplined approach ensures that even small contributions accumulate into a significant sum as the year concludes.


2. Diversify Your Accounts

Relying solely on one bank account can lead to a lack of visibility regarding your savings progress. Opening a dedicated savings account ensures the money you set aside each week remains separate and untouched. This segregation allows you to witness tangible progress and accumulate an extra £100 by year-end, providing a gratifying sense of accomplishment.


3. Generate Extra Income

Despite a demanding full-time job, countless opportunities exist to earn an additional £100. Take a discerning look around your living space. Those overlooked items gathering dust, like seldom-worn clothes or surplus belongings, represent potential sources of income. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Vinted offer viable avenues for resale. By converting clutter into cash, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the financial boost come year-end.


4. Make an Intentional Career Move

If you stagnate in a role for an extended period, it may be time for a strategic career pivot. Begin by envisioning your ideal position and the organisation you’d like to be a part of. Identify the necessary skills and qualifications, then create a plan to acquire them over the next few months. By proactively preparing for this transition, you’ll position yourself for a fresh start in 2024.


money goals to Achieve In 2023

5. Boost Your Financial Education

Expanding your financial understanding is crucial for effective decision-making and successful wealth-building. Immerse yourself in books, podcasts, and videos that offer valuable insights into investment strategies, money management, and financial planning. Exploring various investment options, whether in properties, bonds, or stocks, will equip you with the knowledge to hit the ground running in the new year.


6. Tackle High-Interest Debt

If you’re currently only making minimum payments on high-interest debt, it’s time to reevaluate your approach. Consider allocating more than just the interest amount towards your repayments. By doing so, you’ll make tangible progress toward reducing the principal balance. This proactive stance ensures you enter 2024 with a significantly stronger financial position and a reduced debt burden.


7. Define Long-Term Financial Goals

Dedicate time to envisioning your financial trajectory over the next five years. Whether it’s stepping onto the property ladder, achieving debt-free status, or diving into the world of investments, committing these aspirations to paper solidifies your vision. This five-year plan provides a roadmap, fostering confidence in your financial future.


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8. Learn a New Skill

Expanding your skill set enhances your employability and opens doors to additional income streams. Consider avenues like video editing, content creation, or eBook writing. These capabilities can serve as lucrative side ventures alongside your primary job, providing a reliable source of supplementary income.

9. Plan and Budget for Year-End Expenses

Anticipate and prepare for upcoming year-end expenses, such as Christmas celebrations, potential home repairs, or even a year-end getaway. Rather than leaving planning to the last minute, take proactive steps now. By allocating funds in advance, you’ll ensure a financially secure conclusion to 2023 and an optimistic start to the new year.


10. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Amidst pursuing financial goals, it’s crucial to remember that happiness and well-being are paramount. All work and no play can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. As 2023 draws to a close, take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, no matter how small. Have you consistently paid your bills on time? Managed to cover your expenses without relying on overdrafts? Perhaps you made progress in reducing credit card debt. These are all significant wins worth recognising.


Remember, taking care of your mental and emotional well-being is crucial to overall financial wellness. Allocate time and resources to activities or experiences that bring you joy, whether it’s a hobby, spending time with loved ones, or investing in self-care. Prioritising your happiness will improve your overall quality of life and provide a positive foundation for your financial endeavours in the coming year.


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