In this blog post, I’ll be discussing my nine November 2019 goals and how I plan to achieve them. If you’re interested in goal setting and self-development, read on for some inspiration and motivation. 


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November 2019 Goals


October was a successful month for me, while I didn’t achieve everything I set out to accomplish, I definitely made great progress. With only 60 days left until the end of the year, I’m determined to finish the year well. God-willing, we’re about to enter into a new year and decade and I want to enter 2020 thriving not just surviving.

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing my nine November 2019 goals and how I plan to achieve them.


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1. 30 Day Prayer Challenge

I’ve written a couple of blog posts about the benefits of 30-day challenges and how effective they can be for creating and cultivating new habits. Having been a Christian for over a decade, I’m ashamed to admit that this is still an area I haven’t mastered. I’m working on being more consistent and intentional with my devotion time which is why I’ve set myself this 30-day prayer challenge. Pray for me!


2. Earn £750 Via Side Hustles

In October I made £486 out of my £500 side hustle target (read how I achieved this here) and I was gutted about this. Initially when preparing my November goals I was going to set the target at £500 again as I had missed the mark in October. However, a friend of mine talked sense into me. She put my October side hustle achievement into perspective and encouraged me to aim even higher in November. Last month I was apprehensive about setting the October goal at £500 which is what made me know I was doing the right thing. Therefore, setting the goal at £500 for November would not be stepping outside my comfort zone so I’m taking my friends’ advice and I’m aiming higher! My goal for November is to make £750 via side hustles. Again, pray for me.


3. 15 No Spend Days

In addition to sticking to our weekly and monthly budget, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge – #NoSpendNovember. Outside of food and bills, I’m committing to have 15 no spend days throughout the month of November. I have no real plan as to how I’m going to achieve this. Roughly, I’m thinking to try and do the no spend days Monday-Friday every week, but I’m not sure how realistic this will be. Watch this space.


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4. 12 30 Minute Exercise Sessions

In October I only managed 4 workout sessions for the month which was pitiful. I’m hoping to at least do better than I did in October, however, the goal would be to complete 12 30 minute exercise sessions over the course of the month.


5 Read And Review The Richest Man In Babylon

This goal is 2 in 1. First I need to finish reading The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason, then I need to write a review on the book. I started reading it in October but struggled to finish reading it before the month ended. I need to ensure I finish reading the book so that I can move on to other books on my personal finance reading list.


6 Declutter Bedroom And Playroom

I wasn’t able to declutter my whole house last month as there just weren’t enough hours in the end day to finish with everything else that I had going on. This month I’m committing to decluttering my bedroom and the kids’ playroom. I think I’ll be able to find quite a few things to sell when decluttering the kids’ rooms as well which I hope will help me achieve my £750 side hustle goal.


7. Daily Journaling

This is a habit I started developing late last year and was consistent with it for the first couple of months of the year. I’ve since fallen off completely *covers face in shame*. I know how beneficial journaling can be and wrote about it in my blog post Morning Routine Of Successful People, I want to get back to journaling daily which is why I’ve set myself a 30-day journaling challenge to do this in November.


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8. Publish 5 Blog Posts

In October I published 4 out of 5 blog posts so I’ve set the goal again for November and I’m hoping to smash it this time around. This post is already one out of 5 so just 4 more to go!


9. Instagram Post A Day Challenge

The last of my 30-day challenges is the challenge to post once a day on my journey to financial freedom page on Instagram. Last month I didn’t share as many updates as in would have liked due to the business of life. I want to check in daily for accountability. Additionally, having the pressure to post daily updates wiĺl give the pressure I need to proactively go after my goals.



Follow me on Instagram for weekly updates on how I’m tracking against each of the nine goals outlined in this post. I’ll write a follow-up post at the end of the month to report on how the month went. Hopefully, I’ll smash all my goals this month!

Have you already set goals for the month? It would be great to hear what you’re working on this November. Have you already made a start with goal setting for 2020? That’s great if you have, but don’t write off 2019 just yet. There’s still 2 months to accomplish greatness, don’t while away the time in the hope of a fresh start in January. Make every day count from now until then, and come 1st January 2020 you’ll be so glad that you did!x



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