My Money Mindset Journey

My Money Mindset Journey

In today’s blog post, Natalie Scott shares her money mindset journey. How she shifted from a place of money hoarding to becoming a savvy saver and investor who enjoys hitting her financial goals. Plus Natalie also gives some practical advice on how you too can do the same!


My Money Mindset Journey


Contrary to popular belief amongst my client and peers, I wasn’t always the money confident person I am today. It took time and work! Let me explain.

Growing up I was encouraged to save (like most children). I vividly remember opening my first savings account, clutching my deposit book proudly and waving it in the air, with a sense of responsibility. Every month I would excitedly take a trip to my local bank and deposit any pocket I had leftover. Witnessing my deposit book getting stamped, really excited me as I watched my savings pile up.

So far, this sounds like a lovely ideal childhood and money situation, right? Well, on one hand, it was but on the other, I had this weird strict relationship with money. Throughout my childhood, teenage years and early twenties I became a hoarder of money! All I knew was to save, save, save and literally struggled with spending money on myself. I’d much rather see my money accumulate in my bank account than in my wardrobe (sorry Carrie).


Creating a balance

This may sound like a dream to many shopaholics but it’s just another extreme that you don’t want nor need! You need a balance when cultivating a positive and abundant relationship with money.

I got to my breaking point when I found myself impulse shopping every few months. Which is totally normal behaviour for someone who is a money hoarder. You reach a breaking point and are dying to splash out because you deserve it. The truth is you do, which is why I now put measures in place to enjoy them guilt-free.

When I entered my twenties and started my first grad job, I was exposed to how other people spent their money and realised, I needed to chill out a little bit. So, I started putting money aside for ‘after-work drinks’ and ‘game nights.’ Over time I managed to relax a lot more and really enjoy my money. Like did the 15-year-old me really think I could save 6 figures by the time I was 25? (Gosh I had unrealistic goals).

It’s been over a decade that I’ve been working on my money mindset and strengthening my relationship with money. I’ve taken the good from my money hoarding days and rid myself of the bad. I’m a great, savvy saver and investor who enjoys hitting her financial goals. I also have a dedicated ‘fun fund,’ that gets topped up weekly (it’s automated) and this allows me to enjoy brunch dates, a spot of shopping and everything else in between.


Overcoming a scarcity mindset

I suppose you could describe me as once having a scarcity mindset because I hoarded money like a Troll on a bridge. Instead of focusing on having more money to enjoy, I focused on the possibilities of not having enough, which was why I saved like crazy and hardly spent it. I now keep in mind every possible, favourable outcome to my financial situation and you can do this too!

The first thing you must do is forgive yourself for any past money mistakes. Any damaging family money blueprints that were passed onto you as a child need to be mourned, buried and finally laid to rest. Then you can start making small changes, one day at a time. Remember, going from scarcity to abundance takes time.

Oh, and when you arrive never forget:

An abundant mindset asserts that regardless of your financial pursuits, you will always have more than you need to meet your goals. Once you start embodying this mindset, then your financial life flows towards the energy you give it!




This blog post was written by Natalie Scott, Award-Winning Certified Money Coach. Website | Instagram

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