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Save More Money By Not Buying These 8 Things

The Frugal February Challenge to save £250 in 28 days, really has me thinking about my spending habits and behaviour. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save by making little changes in your lifestyle. As I continue on my quest to save more money, I’ve been taking a look at our lifestyle and identified eight things to stop buying in order to save money.

My maternity leave is imminent so these cutbacks are essential as my…

Frugal February Challenge – Save £250 In 28 Days!

What is Frugal February?
The purpose of Frugal February is to adopt as many money saving ideas as you can during the month and live as cheaply as possible. Try to eliminate all non-essential spending and only spend money on necessities. But why February, you ask? Well the main reason for this is February is the shortest month of the year which gives you the best chance of succeeding – plus ‘Frugal February’ has a nice ring to it!


Motivate Yourself To Save Money These 8 Ways

As the first month of the year speedily draws to a close, I know the enthusiasm to achieve those New Year’s resolutions set out at the turn of 2018 for some of us have already started to falter.

Research conducted by Strava, the social network for athletes, actually revealed that Friday 12th January was the day the adrenaline of the New Year faded and motivation was lost. Strava named this day ‘Quitters’ Day’. It’s sad to think that…

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget These 8 Ways

My husband and I started dating on Valentine’s Day 2010. Very cheesy I know, but at the time I thought it would be cute to wait until Valentine’s Day to make our relationship official! It’s ironic that we chose to get together on Valentine’s Day since neither of us actually care too much for the day – it’s too commercialised, overpriced and overrated!

Chocolate and flowers are cheaper on literally every other day of the year…

1p Money Saving Challenge – Save £667.95 In A Year!

Do you struggle to save money? Why not take part in our 12-month 1p money saving challenge and save £667.95 in a year. Read on to find out how the challenge works and download your free money saving chart. 1p Money Saving Challenge – Save £667.95 In A Year!   I started this blog at the beginning of the year to document and share my journey to financial freedom. This year I’m being mindful and intentional about…