In this post, I share 6 affordable last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to try. Handmade gifts have such sentimental value, knowing that they’ve been created with love and care.


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6 Affordable Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts


Since becoming a mother almost 5 years ago, Mother’s Day has quickly become one of my favourite celebrations of the year. It’s the one day of the year where families take the time to honour the mother of the family – who doesn’t enjoy getting spoilt and pampered?

From my experience thus far, I can boldly say that being a mum is the hardest yet most rewarding job I’ve ever done. As much as my children drive me up the walls most days, I wouldn’t change them, or this job, for anything in the world.

As with every other significant day of annual celebration, businesses seize the opportunity to capitalise on the festivities and the price of chocolates, flowers and a meal out seem to double or even at times treble.

In the UK Mother’s Day 2019 falls on Sunday 31st March, so with just over a week to go until Mother’s Day, I’ve looked into a few fantastic DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas which will not break the bank but your mother, I’m sure would greatly appreciated. Handmade gifts have such sentimental value, knowing that they’ve been created with love and care.


Mother’s Day Pamper Jar


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This simple, yet effective, DIY craft idea from Classyclutter is a fantastic and thoughtful last minute Mother’s Day gift for mother’s and grandmother’s.

Simply purchase a Mason Jar or use one you already have at home and fill it with little pamper products. Products can include facemasks, nail polish, bath salts, hand cream, nail files etc.

I’m sure a lot of us probably have so many of these items already at home that can be added to the jar, so before heading to the shops to buy a bunch of things to fill the jar, see what you can repurpose from around the house and then buy a few extra bits from Poundland.

Once you’ve sorted the contents of the jar, simply create a label with a lovely personalised message and use a piece of ribbon or string to attach the label to the jar.


Jar of Love



Mother’s do a lot that we love and are thankful for but we don’t always necessarily say or show it. Mother’s need reminders that they are loved and appreciated – especially on the days when our actions demonstrate the total opposite! This is the reason I absolutely love this genius Jar of Love idea by Crafting Green Worrld!

The Jar of love is a jar full of handwritten wonderful reminders that mum’s can read daily for encouragement and that they are indeed loved.

To create the Jar of Love simply purchase a Mason Jar, or again you could use a jar that you already have at home. Using crayons, colouring pens, pencils or a pen, write down 365 reasons why you love your mum. Side note – if you struggle to come up with 365 reasons you could always change is to 52 reasons, or a nice round number 100.


Black And White Photo Collage

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Which mother doesn’t love pictures of her children and grandchildren? Combine that love with a big M initial, and you have a perfect combination. You could even buy 3 letters and spell out MUM, the only catch is you’ll need to print quite a few more pictures. Have you heard of Free Prints? I only found out about this app a few weeks ago and it’s amazing. You literally get 40 pictures printed for free and sent straight to your door – you only pay a few pounds for delivery.

In addition to the photographs you’ll need the following items for this simple DIY project:

Large paper mache letter(s)




Mother’s Day Coupons



Homemade gifts made easy have created these free printable Mothers-Day coupons which you can print out and put in a Mason Jar for your mum which she can redeem at any time during the next 12 months. If you don’t want to use the jar, Homemade Gifts Made Easy also has a simple tutorial on how to make the coupons into a cute booklet that your mum can keep in her purse.


Some of the coupons have prefilled messages which are listed below, but there’s also a blank version for you to make it even more personal:


Breakfast in Bed

One Big HUG

Coffee & Cake

Help with Gardening

Help with Laundry

Free Car Wash

Vacuum the House

Movie Night

Night off Cooking

One Big HUG… again :-)


Fingerprint Butterfly mug

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This is a great simple and budget friendly DIY Mother’s Day gift that the children can make and makes the perfect useful keepsake for Mums and Grandma’s.

These thumbprint butterfly mugs are a sweet keepsake and thumbprints actually make the cutest little butterflies you’ve ever seen. What’s more, they are very easy to create but Mum/Grandma will be very impressed with how beautiful it looks.

If this is something you want to recreate, visit The Best Ideas For Kids for the full tutorial on how make one, the supplies required are:


White Mug

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Enamel Acrylic Paint


Flowers That Never Die

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Instead of buying a bunch of flowers that will perish in a few days, why not instead make your own? This DIY dandelion bouquet is cute and inexpensive to make and will last far longer than real flowers. What’s more, your mother would probably appreciate the fact that they were made with love and thought instead of a last-minute dash to your local petrol station.


Bren Did has a simple to follow tutorial on how to make them, you only need a few supplies:


Yellow yarn

Green Yarn

Green pipe cleaners

Hot glue gun


Serving fork



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