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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Book Summary – The Richest Man In Babylon

To help me on my journey to financial freedom, I’ve been reading different books on personal finance. I did a post on my Instagram stories last month asking for recommendations of personal finance books, and The Richest Man In Babylon was mentioned a few times. I had attempted to read this book last year, but the old English writing style put me off so I didn’t make it past chapter one.

Fast forward to last month, and following…

How To Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have

With less than six weeks remaining until we enter a new year and decade, now’s the time to master your money. Whether you’re self-employed, or a business owner, I want you to answer this question honestly. If today was your last payday, how long would you be able to survive on the money in your account before having to turn to the credit card? If you’re just a paycheque or payslip away from broke, then it…

November 2019 Goals

October was a successful month for me, while I didn’t achieve everything I set out to accomplish, I definitely made great progress. With only 60 days left until the end of the year, I’m determined to finish the year well. God-willing, we’re about to enter into a new year and decade and I want to enter 2020 thriving not just surviving.

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing my nine November 2019 goals and how…